Hugh Jackman: ‘I thought Whitney Houston was singing to me’ – Music News

Hugh Jackman was convinced Whitney Houston was singing his name during her iconic version of 1992 hit I Will Always Love You.

The Greatest Showman star explained in an Instagram video he posted on Thursday that as a teen he truly believed that Whitney was singing his name instead of “you” at the end of the song.

Opening with a burst of the song’s famous chorus, Hugh said, “Listen to the very last lyric of I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. She actually says Hugh, I promise you. The very last, it is Hugh.”

He continued: “I made myself believe that when I was 15. I love you too.”

Hugh went on to joke that he still holds some hope that the music legend was serenading him in the iconic love song.

“I told my younger self that Whitney Houston was singing to me. I might still believe it,” the Logan star posted in the caption for the video.

The late music icon, died aged 48 in February 2012, after accidentally drowning in her bathtub ahead of the Grammy Awards. Her use of cocaine, and heart disease was listed as a factor in her death.

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