Iceland: Supermarket launches new labels to target families without freezers

Despite selling mostly frozen items, Iceland wants its customers to know that its products can also be kept in the fridge for a limited time. The supermarket has launched new labels with clearer instructions for customers on what to do when they buy a frozen product.

Although the labels are currently only available across 15 of Iceland’s products, the supermarket hopes to roll them out to all of its applicable own-brand ranges in the future.

It has said it wants to launch the labels on another 15 products over the next year.

According to Iceland, an estimated one in 10 UK households do not have a freezer.

However, a lack of freezer should not stop these families from shopping in Iceland stores, said the retailer.

Andrew Staniland, Trading Director at Iceland Foods, commented on the new move.

He said: “Fridgeable is a unique concept in frozen food and launching this is a particularly proud moment for me as it is another way that we can help reduce the cost of putting food on the table for those without a freezer.

“We are so passionate about the far-reaching benefits of Fridgeable that we are offering this game-changing idea to our competitors and to frozen food brands for free.

“The more organisations that adopt this, the bigger the positive impact will be.”

In other Iceland news, the supermarket is offering a two for £5 deal on fully loaded fries for the Euros 2020 matches.

British supermarkets have shown their support towards England, Scotland, and Wales since the football competition began last month.

With only England left in the tournament, in terms of the UK, Iceland has launched a new deal for the country’s fans.

Highlights from the offer include the Fully Loaded Pepperoni Pizza Fries, which is cooked in a tomato and herb sauce and layered with pepperoni slices and mozzarella cheese.

The deal offers customers £1 off original prices and runs until August 31.

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