Ideal heel height: What is a healthy heel height? Is there a maximum?

If you have flat feet or fallen arches, you’re more likely to find heels uncomfortable.

For this reason, Emjee recommends wearing shorter heels or thicker heels for more stability.

Platform heels are also better for people with flat or small feet because they increase the heel height you can wear without discomfort.

For example, if your ideal height is a three-inch heel, you can wear a four-inch heel with a one-inch platform. 

Heels with straps and buckles will also add an extra layer of comfort because they help to avoid rubbing and irritation.

The heel expert added: “I would highly recommend investing in shoes of premium quality, made from real leather for example, which will mould into the natural shape and arches of your feet.

“Fast fashion only equals fast blisters, so invest in your own comfort and prioritise quality above all else… If you have flat feet and buy from fast-fashion online retailers, your heels won’t be comfortable!”

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