Impossible Minecraft Structure Defies Both Game & Real-Life Physics

One Minecraft player recently decided to defy in-game gravity and boggle peoples’ minds by building an entire Impossible Structure island.

One Minecraft player recently decided to defy in-game gravity and build an entire Impossible Structure island. Minecraft is a fan-favorite place to build impressive and seemingly impossible builds, like this entire Mediterranian Minecraft island. These builds have no shortage of creativity and continue to pop up in the community daily.

Minecraft players are known to spend hours building incredible structures that can look as gorgeous as a real-life monument. Thanks to new updates that released in 2021, players were given even more opportunities to build, as new biomes were introduced to the game. Some Minecraft fans enjoy the challenge of trying to build in survival mode, which means they have to collect the materials from all over the map and fight off mobs of enemies all while trying to build. This can be an exhilarating experience for players who are trying to do something different. One Minecraft player is even mining out their entire world while in survival mode. Other players enjoy the option of creative mode, which allows them to take their time and have access to any material they could imagine. Whichever route players decide to take, the Minecraft community always delivers impressive and massive builds for others to enjoy.


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LactomedaM33 took to Reddit to share their Penrose-esque (also known as an Impossible Structure) Minecraft build. The build features a river that appears to continuously flow in one direction, while also seemingly existing on different levels. The waterfall feeds into the river and near the back of the structure, it has the illusion of being on the same level but also going upwards to meet up with the top of the waterfall on the left-hand side. There is a little house in the build, which adds to the illusion of the back section being higher. This build had a lot of commenters impressed and mind-boggled as to how it works, which is what makes the build such a great example of the Impossible Structure.

See the original post on Reddit here.

In the comments, LacromedaM33 said that they used the “Bare Bones” texture pack to get the structure to have the style it does. Texture packs in Minecraft are a way to breathe new life into builds and make the blocks look different than in the base game. This can change the appearance of a build drastically and give players even more tools to build with. A few clever commenters also noticed something about the house’s purpose in the image. They realized that it was hiding the break where the two rivers change in height. This realization essentially ruins the illusion but makes it a bit easier to comprehend. LactomedaM33 did confirm that was where they hid the break in order to create this illusion, which is a smart way to make the build work.

Minecraft is one of the best ways for players to flex their creative muscles. With people coming up with new builds to tackle or even deciding to create their own science fiction city in Minecraft it seems as though the community has no plans of slowing down soon. Minecraft will continue to be an outlet for players for many years to come.

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Source: LactomedaM33/Reddit

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