Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos Reveal Toby Jones’ New Indy Sidekick

New set photos from production on the highly anticipated Indiana Jones 5 highlight the famed archeologist alongside new sidekick, actor Toby Jones.

The latest photos from the set of Indiana Jones 5 have revealed Indy’s new sidekick, played by Toby Jones. The fifth installment in the iconic action-adventure franchise has only recently begun filming in the United Kingdom, and so far, Indy’s creating quite the stir among fans. There’s been no shortage of speculation regarding some past photos from the set, with Harrison Ford and series newcomer Mads Mikkelsen also having been spotted off camera.

The wait for a new Indiana Jones installment has been a particularly lengthy one, especially since a fifth film was officially confirmed all the way back in 2015. In fact, the film had been in development since 2008, shortly after the time that the somewhat lackluster Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull arrived in theatres. Originally, Ford had said that he would be part of a fifth Indy film if it didn’t take too long to develop. At present, the former Star Wars star is 78 years old, a fact that hasn’t escaped the attention of Indy’s more skeptical fanbase. But while Ford might not be the ideal age for the lead in a big-budgeted action-adventure franchise, the most plausible rumor currently circulating among fans is that Indy 5 director James Mangold will use de-aging technology for the film’s multiple timelines.

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In addition to discussions surrounding just how Indy’s latest story will unfold, much attention has also been focused on the film’s cast. For the first time since filming on Indiana Jones 5, new photos have emerged showing Toby Jones alongside Ford. The two men can be seen walking on the grounds of what appears to be Bamburgh Castle, the location where the production is currently filming. The new photos come courtesy of The Daily Mail and manage to add some new questions to the ongoing mystery behind Indy 5.

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Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

For starters, Ford can be seen with black dots on his face, a strong assurance that de-aging technology is being used. Previous photos from the Bamburgh Castle set had shown a Nazi-era tank, meaning that scenes shot there likely can’t take place any later than 1945, when the second World War came to an end. As for Ford and Jones, the two men appear quite disheveled, with Ford looking slightly harried and Jones slightly overwhelmed. As any Indiana Jones fan knows, the series has always been particularly fond of pairing Indy up with characters who can act as counterbalances to his confidence and daring. To that effect, Jones seems to genuinely fit in, looking just like the sort of character who could end up getting in Indy’s way and frustrating the fearless archaeologist.

Throughout the franchise’s history, Indy’s best adventures have come whenever Nazis have been involved. Not only that, but each time Nazis have played a part in the narrative, Indy has been forced to escape from their clutches. It’s not hard to believe these recent Indiana Jones 5 photos show Indy either escaping from a Nazi-occupied castle or rescuing Toby Jones’ character from said location. So far the production is giving off some classic Indy vibes, and if this continues for the duration of production, Indiana Jones 5 just might end up succeeding at that elusive mixture of classic Indy and a new take on the beloved series.

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Source: The Daily Mail

  • Indiana Jones 5 (2022)Release date: Jul 29, 2022

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