Is your child using electronic devices? Screen time may not be bad

The debate surrounding the pros and cons of children using electronic devices has existed for as long as screens have. However, there is a key thing which parents need to be aware of – as the difference between mindless scrolling and active use may be what finally answers whether or not screens are bad for today’s youth.

According to Maths-Whizz, an online tutoring service, there is a vital difference between passive and active screen time.

Screen time is often portrayed as one of the worst things for children, especially when they are seen glued to it with no engagement in anything else.

Speaking on this topic, the experts at online tutoring service, Maths-Whizz, said: “Not all screen time is bad because not all screen time is created equal, especially when it comes to learning.

“Yes, it is true that excessive screen time is detrimental to your children’s physical and mental health. There is a crucial distinction, however, between passive and active screen time.”

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