Jason Momoa & Dwayne Johnson Want To Make A Movie Together

Box office heavyweights and good friends Dwayne Johnson & Jason Momoa want to make a movie together, says Momoa in new interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Two of the biggest names in Hollywood – Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa, want to make a movie together. The two stars are known for their action-heavy films, with Momoa having gained considerable fame for his portrayal of Aquaman. As for Johnson, the 49-year-old former professional wrestler has topped Forbes magazine’s list of highest paid actors for the past two years and counting and he’s arguably best known for the Jumanji franchise.

Though the two actors have been friends for somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 years, their paths have yet to cross to any major degree on the big screen. Johnson is currently preparing for the release of Disney’s theme park ride turned action-adventure tale, Jungle Cruise this summer. Should that film find a warm reception, he’ll likely be heavily invested in helping to build it up into a franchise. One would think that this could limit Johnson’s ability to find the time to get a project going with Momoa, but a quick look at Johnson’s upcoming slate of projects makes it clear that he’s well versed at multi-tasking. Momoa’s career may not be what Johnson’s is, but that doesn’t mean his talents couldn’t perfectly complement any project that the two friends decide to take on.

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Seeing Johnson and Momoa together in a film might seem like wishful thinking at this point, but the reality of the situation is that both men do eventually want to do a project together. During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel, Momoa explained that not only have the two been close for decades, thanks to a mutual friend in Momoa’s native Hawaii, but also that they want to work together on a film. Admitting that Johnson is “way busier” than he is, Momoa stated:

We’ve tried to get together and make a movie together, it’s just he’s way busier than I am and I’m pretty busy right now, so, one of these days we’re gonna get together and make something.

Dwayne Johnson looking suspiciously at someone

Unfortunately, Momoa wasn’t really able to expand on this, as Fallon was quick to gush over the prospect of the two stars potentially working together. There’s no denying that any film which involves Johnson and Momoa will have instant appeal for audiences all over the world, but exactly what sort of project the two could team up on remains a mystery. Perhaps then, the real reason why the two haven’t collaborated on any films to date is also due to the need to find something that suits them both. Johnson has previously collaborated with comedian Kevin Hart and the two have a definite comedic on screen chemistry. As for Momoa, however, his skillset tends to rely on brawn, which is perhaps too similar to Johnson.

At the same time, whatever both Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa do end up collaborating on can’t be short on action. The two stars have built up considerable big screen action credit over the years, and for them to appear in a film that doesn’t at the very least involve some degree of carnage is virtually unthinkable. The bottom line here is that it might be some time before we see Johnson and Momoa together on screen, but when it does happen, fans are in for something pretty special.

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Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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