Jedi Go To Battle Against The Hutts in High Republic Comic Preview

A Star Wars High Republic preview reveals that the Jedi and Hutts will be fighting one another all because of one Jedi Master’s actions.

The Jedi are going to battle against the Hutts in a Star Wars: The High Republic comic preview from Marvel Comics. Though the Hutts have long been involved in major Star Wars stories over the years, the criminal group’s history was only recently revealed. Now, they are at odds with the Jedi.

The most famous of the Hutts – Jabba – lorded over his family’s criminal syndicate during the Fall of the Republic and the Rise of the Empire. Before these times, nothing was known about the crime family – until now. Star Wars: The High Republic #showed a Hutt fall victim to the Drengir, but their dealings on the planet of Sedri Minor have been revealed.

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Star Wars has released preview pages for Star Wars: The High Republic #5. Created by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, and Annalisa Leoni, The High Republic has been telling the story of Avar Kriss, a young Jedi learning under Jedi Master Sskeer. Sskeer has been shown out of touch with the Force, highly aggressive, and controlled by the Drengir. Now, he is the cause of the Jedi/Hutt conflict. Check out the summary and preview pages here:

On the peaceful world of Sedri Minor, Avar Kriss is doing her best to make the Hutt cartel understand her logic and prevent a disagreement from turning into a battle. But Jedi Master Sskeer is not so patient…

This is one of very few times that a Hutt has actually been seen personally attending to business on a planet away from their home planet of Nal Hutta or Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine. This Hutt – Myarga the Benevolent – is making a debut in a big way. The preview above reveals that this crime syndicate has a deal with the people of Sedri Minor, providing protection in exchange for resources. This is the same kind of deal provided broadly around the galaxy by many crime groups, so it definitely isn’t surprising.

What IS surprising is just how far Master Jedi Sskeer has fallen. Throughout this series, Sskeer has been shown to be a troubled Jedi, beyond what fans usually see in the galaxy. When Jedi have fallen before, it has been to go to the dark side as a Sith or to separate entirely from the Jedi Order as an independent (such as in the case of Ahsoka). Now, Sskeer has taken neither road. He’s been shown to be out of tune with the Force and he has been possessed by the Drengir. This has been proven even moreso by the way that his body has become part Drengir in this preview. Fans will see the consequences of Sskeer’s actions and the ensuing HuttJedi battle when Star Wars: The High Republic #5 releases May 12, 2021.

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