Kate Middleton body language: Wimbledon visits show Duchess growth – ‘more comfortable’

Judi explained: “In terms of influence, profile and launching as a top-tier royal in her own right, this has been very much Kate’s time as she has shone throughout the pandemic and been very much the upcoming face of the royal Firm, launching her own projects and initiatives with quiet deftness and confidence, and all this reflects strongly in her body language here.

“Kate is far more splayed here, taking up space rather than self-diminishing, and although there is still a modest rather than an attention-seeking approach, her posture and her facial expression suggest any touches of shyness are very much a thing of the past.”

The expert said that Kate’s signals at the Wimbledon match this year shows she has become more comfortable over the years.

Judi said: “Her smile and her confident eye expression suggest she’s much more comfortable with the kind of attention she attracts now.

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