Kate Middleton news: ‘Astonishing’ George birth photo praised

Royal fans wished the Prince happy birthday on social media. Pictures led many to praise the Duchess of Cambridge for stepping out with George for photographs shortly after the birth.

William and Kate presented George to the public, in front of many members of the press.

Fans commented on the images on Twitter.

One wrote: “Eight years ago the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced their first child, a son and future King, to the world.

“Imagine having to face this just hours after giving birth?

“The composure and class this couple, particularly Catherine, showed and continues to show is amazing.”

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One said: “She understands her responsibilities perfectly.”

“Here’s the thing – as decent human beings, they were grateful that people loved them and showed so much loving interest in their baby – a royal response!” another fan wrote.

“That’s insane! Had no clue there were that many people,” one fan wrote. “I’ve always loved Kate. I don’t know how she does it.”

Another said: “But she did it with grace and dignity, a mere five-minute photocall to the British people, not much to ask.”

A fan from overseas wrote: “Amazing!! I remember I woke up very early, my country’s time.

“Iconic, historic scenes that we were lucky to witness. It was such a big deal they were presenting the Future King.”

“Catherine was amazing,” another said. “She understands her responsibilities and gave the people what they wanted.”

One wrote: “Very strong to do that, standing is not something you want to do after giving birth a short while ago!”

An expert recently commented on Kate’s sophisticated use of jewellery during her first months of motherhood. 

Head of diamonds and jewellery at Beaverbrooks Lorna Haddon explained how the timeless pearls gave the Duchess a “motherly” look in her first month as a parent.

Lorna said: “I think everyone remembers the photos from the hospital after Kate gave birth to the lovely Prince George.

“A new generation of the Royal Family had arrived.

“Kate’s signature style just shines through in their first photoshoot as a new family the following month.

“Her trademark pearl earrings are so classic and really convey her sophisticated motherly image.”

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