Kate Middleton news: Duchess puts ‘modern twist’ on outfits while following tradition

Kate Middleton has an extensive wardrobe, with a huge shoe collection as well as many dresses and ball gowns. The Duchess also dresses down in jeans from time-to-time. While the royal adds a modern twist onto her looks, she also follows royal tradition with some of her looks.

Pearls have been worn by members of the Royal Family for decades, with Queen Elizabeth II first pictured wearing them at the age of just three years old.

The Queen rarely appears without her famous three-strand necklace and pearl earrings, which are now considered part of her royal uniform.

The royal ladies, including Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, have also been seen wearing pearls over the years.

Some of these pieces are heirlooms while some pieces Kate wears are from high-street brands.

More recently, Kate has been seen wearing casual clothing, from jeans and trainers to summer dresses.

The expert said: “We love when Kate dresses down in casual wear from jeans, sneakers, sweaters and t-shirts. 

“Although the Duchess is known for stunning dresses and her chic style – it’s always great to see her in more relaxed clothing. 

“Motherhood is most likely the reason for this and of course for a much more practical look – she becomes more relatable. 

“Kate’s style has become more sophisticated, more chic since becoming a royal.

“We still get to see elements of her previous style – but a more polished version, which we love to see and look forward to seeing more.”

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