Kate Middleton: Raising children with a Norland nanny – Nanny Louenna offers tips

“I wanted to share my knowledge because I think it is all the little bits of advice that actually make a big difference.

“I started writing a book and then I just kept thinking you know how can I make this more interactive, and how can I make it so that people can get to the questions that they want about their child quickly?

“That is where I came up with the idea for the app so that it’s always in your pocket – any question you have, you can read the app like a book if you want to and it is all in age and stage orders, so you can go straight to your child’s age.

“Or you can just search for the question, so if you wake up and your child has chicken pocks and you think, ‘What would Louenna do?’ – if you Google it you are going to get 100 different answers from 100 different people, whereas I can say that this is the best product that I’ve used on the market, and it will be trusted advice.”

Kate Middleton has been massively praised by many parenting experts who appreciate her mothering skills, for example bending down to a child’s level to talk to them, and interacting with them positively.

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