Keep your pest cool during heatwave: Do not exercise dogs and more tips

Dr Sam Gaines, a pet welfare expert from the RSPCA, appeared on GB News this morning to speak about protecting animals from the sweltering heat this summer. Dr Gaines shared tips on how to make life easier for dogs and other pets amid a heatwave.

Keeping your pets cool during the summer months can be difficult, especially when inside the house can be just as hot as outside.

Luckily, Dr Gaines had a plenty of advice for pet owners on how to keep their animals safe in the heat.

She said: “I think it’s super important that we do really think about how best to protect our pets

“There are some really good simple things we can do. For example, whatever pet we have, we make sure they’ve got access to shade throughout the day.”

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Dr Gaines continued: “So, what we’re saying to people is to make sure that when it comes to their dogs, that they exercise in the cool parts of the day.

“Early in the morning and just for a very short period.

“And then there are lots of things you can do in the day to basically keep them entertained.”

The pet welfare expert recommended “getting out your paddling pool” or “making some frozen toys” for your dog.

“If you are someone who is seeing a dog left in a car and it is clearly distressed, then phone 999.

“That is the quickest way for someone to come to that animal and who can legally be allowed to break into the car.”

Dr Gaines explained that the RSCPA does not have the power to open someone’s car and would have to “wait for the police ourselves”.

The expert added: “If it is a real emergency and you are extremely worried about that dog, then what you can do is explain to the police on the phone that you are actually going to enter that car in order to save that dog’s life.

“You need to make sure that the police are comfortable with you doing that.

“But in some situations, it can be acceptable for you to actually do that in order for you to save the dog in the car.

“But again, it’s about making sure the police are aware of what you’re doing.”

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