Lady Kitty Spencer wows in Dolce and Gabbana gown for stunning Italian wedding

The niece of Princess Diana has married sixty-two-year-old Michael Lewis in a lavish ceremony in the Italian capital. The wedding took place in a luxurious villa in Frascati, just outside Rome, and was attended by celebrity guests.

The dress’ sleeves were slightly puffed at the shoulders and it had a cinched waist.

The long sleeves and lace bodice made the gown seem similar to Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding dress, or Kate Middleton’s version.

The Duchess of Cambridge was inspired by the late Princess of Monaco when she married Prince William in 2012.

Lady Spencer was walked down the aisle by her brothers Louis Spencer and Samuel Aitken.


The two men wore navy blue suits with black bow ties.

White flowers were pinned to their jackets’ left lapels.

Lady Kitty walked down the aisle with her long veil draped over her face.

However, her slicked back blonde hair was still visible, as well as her jewelled earrings.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Villa Aldobrandini mansion in Frascati.

Lady Kitty and Michael were married surrounded by friends and family.

As well as her brothers, the bride’s sisters, twins Eliza and Amelia, were present.

Among the celebrity guests were pop star Pixie Lott and her boyfriend, actor Idris Elba and wife Sabrina, and Made in Chelsea star Mark Vandelli.

Michael’s three adult children from his previous marriage was also in attendance.

It has been reported that Lady Kitty has a good relationship with her husband’s children, who were born in South Africa, like their father.

In keeping with the wedding’s Italian theme, other guests wore dresses made by designers Dolce and Gabbana too.

Lady Kitty is a big fan of the brand, having worn garments by the designers on several previous occasions.

After the ceremony, guests were treated to plenty of food and drinks, before they danced and enjoyed a fireworks display.

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