Legion Adds Mind Control Character & Missions In First Update

A launch trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion’s first update details the new characters and missions coming to the open-world hacking game.

Ubisoft has detailed the first update for Watch Dogs: Legion, which is set to introduce new missions and an all-new, supernatural hero with mind control powers. The newest game foregoes a main protagonist, instead introducing an innovative new mechanic where almost any non-player character in the game’s world can be recruited and controlled by the player.

Having launched with the new consoles late last year, Watch Dogs: Legion‘s first big batch of post-launch content, Title Update 4.0, was originally scheduled to release in April before being delayed until May 4. Ubisoft explained that several issues had been found while developing the new content, and a delay was necessary to fix these issues before launch. The short delay allowed for more bug fixes to be implemented before the big update. Outside of single-player content, Ubisoft recently added a multiplayer mode to Watch Dogs: Legion that dramatically changes gameplay. Multiplayer includes both cooperative missions, with players working together to complete objective, as well as a competitive Spider-Bot Arena mode, in which players battle using the main game’s remote-controlled robots.

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Watch Dogs: Legion‘s first update has been detailed by a new trailer posted to Ubisoft North America‘s YouTube channel. The launch trailer breaks down exactly what will be added to the game once Title Update 4.0 drops. Mina Sidhu, a playable hero with mind-control abilities, and her ability to control enemies is useful for both stealth and combat, and players will be able to use her throughout both single-player and cooperative missions. A new single-player mission, three new co-op missions, and five new co-op assignments will be added as well. Two new co-op gadgets, alongside two new character professions for both single and multiplayer modes, round out the new content coming in Watch Dogs: Legion‘s first update. Title Update 4.0 will release tomorrow, May 4.

While Title Update 4.0 is set to add a ton of new features to the game, Ubisoft has announced more future content coming to Watch Dogs: Legion. The developer has confirmed that a 60fps Performance Mode, which maximizes performance while presumably sacrificing 4K resolutions on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, is currently in development. The mode will breathe new life into the game by bringing smoother gameplay to the title’s futuristic version of London.

Watch Dogs: Legion is a highly innovative title, with open-world action built on top of a dense and expansive recruitment system. The game’s lack of a true main protagonist was a big risk for Ubisoft, and it paid off by allowing players to create their own personal stories. Title Update 4.0 may not completely overhaul the experience, but the new characters and missions look interesting enough to bring fans back into the hacking circle.

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Watch Dogs Legion is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Ubisoft North America

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