Libby’s Sister Jenn Compared To Ivanka Trump By Fans

90 Day Fiancé fans are coming for the Potthast family after their yacht fight. Viewers referred to Libby’s sister Jenn as a bootleg Ivanka Trump.

Though Libby and Andrei Castravet receive plenty of fan criticism for their portrayal on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, viewers recently dragged Libby’s sisters Becky and Jenn. First, Becky was criticized for calling Libby two-faced when Becky literally purchased a new face for herself. Now, fans have dubbed Jenn a discount version of Ivanka Trump based on her desire to appear wealthy and influential.

90 Day Fiancé fan criticism continues to pour in for all members of the Potthast family. The chaotic Florida clan saw a yacht outing turn sour on Sunday night’s Happily Ever After episode. Sisters Becky and Libby even threw fists after Becky insulted both Libby and Andrei. Meanwhile, brother Charlie was dubbed a comical movie villain due to his overly preppy attire. He was also dragged by fans for refusing to drop his feud with Andrei. Patriarch Chuck has since made headlines for messaging married cast member Emily Larina, while Libby’s mother exposed herself as just as bad as the others after she shared homophobic content to her Instagram page.

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Jenn is the latest Potthast family member to earn fan criticism. One fan posted photos of Jenn and Ivanka Trump to Reddit with the text, “When you order Ivanka from wish and get Libby’s sister Jen.” The user captioned the post, “They both think they are equally as ‘high class.’” Commenters continued to express the popular fan opinion that the Potthast family should not have their own spin-off show. “Please God don’t let this family get a Spin Off . I cant take ittttttttt,” a top comment reads. “Imagine continuing to go on TV knowing people greatly dislike you and your children experience the social media side effects. Intentionally subjecting yourself to extreme hate and mean comments online lol. I lose sleep if I feel like I made a poor impression on someone,” another commenter observed.

Commenters also debated which of the Potthast siblings is the worst. Fans already uncovered that Libby is the only sibling to not be arrested, as Jenn, Becky and Charlie’s mugshots are all circulating the internet. “You know Becky is really s**t when she makes Jen look like the most reasonable one. Uggh I hate this family,” a viewer wrote. “It seems like Jen edited herself this season, presumably after all her antics in Moldova (eating scraps, constant put-downs in the country),” another fan wrote back. “Jen always looks aggravated, but to be fair if Elizabeth was my sister, I’d be aggravated too. I HOLLERED when Becky got in Libbys face and told her ‘there u go, gonna start crying bc you’re a brat!’ Facts,” another fan weighed in.

Viewers have concluded that the entire Potthast family needs to exit the franchise. All family members and spouses project a false air of wealth and luxury that fans find to be embarrassing to watch. Even worse, the family members demonstrate bad attitudes, entitlement and cultural ignorance. Meanwhile, the shady business ethics of the family house-flipping empire have been exposed by viewers. Overall, the current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? appears to be a total miss among franchise fans.

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Source: Reddit

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