Libra September horoscope 2021: What’s in store for Libra this month?

The New Moon in the early hours of September 7 takes place in your twelfth house – the space in our Birth Charts known as ‘the Darkness Before the Dawn’.

It’s also the ‘unseen’ realm of secrets, emotions, dreams and endings.

Bex warned: “Expect to feel a desire to replenish yourself with some alone-time, perhaps taking an opportunity to dedicate time to journaling or creative writing to better explore your thoughts.

“New Moons occur when both the Sun and Moon are in the same constellation, and we are invited to use the themes of this zodiac sign so we can set intentions for the next four weeks.

“Virgo is also the healer of the zodiac, so this signals a unique opportunity to see where you can release yourself from self-criticism and impossibly high standards, thus working towards healing any deep wounds of feeling unworthy.

“Move forward setting intentions that support you in your journey towards self-acceptance.”

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