Lidl news: Discount supermarket announces ‘traffic light’ labelling on food products

Lidl has made several changes over the last year to help tackle climate change as well as the plastic packaging crisis. In its latest move, the discount supermarket has announced it will start to roll out its new sustainability trial in Scottish stores on 50 of Lidl’s own-label products.

Lidl plans to use the scheme to promote its commitment to sourcing 100 percent of its key raw materials, such as tea, coffee and cocoa from sustainable sources.

Amali Bunter, Head of Responsible Sourcing and Ethical Trade at Lidl, said: “Rolling out the Eco-Score trial in Scotland is a huge milestone for Lidl, one we’re extremely proud of.

“We know that shoppers want more support in understanding the environmental impact of the products they buy day-to-day and Eco-Score will do just that.

“The trial will help customers in our 105 Scottish stores road test the new traffic light system and ultimately make greener shopping choices in the process.”

Another wrote: “I always thought something like this would be useful, wonder if it will expand in the future.”

The Eco-Score project follows Lidl’s other initiatives including the Deposit Return Scheme facilities across its Scotland stores this year.

Lidl’s Bottle Deposit Scheme allows customers to make money from recycling their drinks bottles.

For every 25 Lidl drinks bottles or tins recycled in Lidl’s recycling units, customers can get up to £2.50 off their next shop.

Since 2018, the discount retailer has removed 70 tonnes of plastic and got rid of many plastic trains.

It cut back on food tags and replaced polystyrene pizza bases.

Many supermarkets have been making changes to become greener including cutting back on plastic usage.

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