Lidl UK: Supermarket has recycling systems and cuts down on plastic

Sustainable shopping is on the minds of many and Lidl has made some changes to help this. These are the latest updates from the retailer.

Simply bring up to 25 clean glass, tin or plastic drink containers to the banks and earn up to £2.50 off.

Each item returned is worth an instant 10p off to spend in stores.

The vouchers will be there to collect as soon as the deposit is made.

Containers between 50ml and three litres which have been purchased from Lidl branches are accepted.


Reduce plastic

Lidl has launched a sustainable packaging and plastic strategy named ‘Circular Motion’ which aims to cut back on plastic use.

The scheme aims to cut back on plastic where it is not needed and create packaging which is recyclable.

The retailer also considers reusable and refillable items as well as working with suppliers, customers and official bodies to make changes.

One stated: “Well done Lidl for providing a facility to leave packaging instore.”

Another simply stated: “Fair play Lidl.”

Many supermarkets have been making changes to become greener.

Environmentally-conscious updates have been made by retailers including Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

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