Lisa Kudrow Had To Re-Learn Smelly Cat For The Friends Reunion

Lisa Kudrow says she was nervous when she found out she’d performing “Smelly Cat” for the Friends reunion, noting that she had to re-learn the chords.

Lisa Kudrow reveals that she had to re-learn “Smelly Cat” for the Friends reunion. The six actors from the seminal sitcom reunited for an HBO Max special which premiered on May 27. Running for almost two hours, the reunion featured plenty of surprises, unexpected admissions, heartfelt moments, and celebrity cameos.

One of the biggest cameos occurred halfway through the special, when Lady Gaga appeared in a sketch with Kudrow to collaborate on a duet of “Smelly Cat.” The segment allowed Gaga to talk about what made Phoebe Buffay, the Friends character that Kudrow portrayed, so important. It also served as a callback to the season 2 episode “The One Where Eddie Moves In,” in which “Smelly Cat” gets its own music video. In new remarks, Kudrow confesses that she wasn’t so sure she could pull off the performance.

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In an interview on The Ellen Show, the Friends star was asked about performing “Smelly Cat” with Gaga. Kudrow admitted that she was initially nervous about returning to her character’s most popular song. She also revealed that she had to do a bit of googling to re-familiarize herself with the memorable tune. Read Kudrow’s quote below:

Friends Phoebe Smelly Cat

It’s interesting to hear Kudrow speak so candidly about her difficulty, at first, in reconnecting with her iconic portrayal. Coming out of the Friends reunion, there has been a general consensus that the actress was able to effortlessly slip back into the role of Phoebe. This is perhaps most evident in the table reads between the six cast members, particularly when Kudrow recreates the moment of finding out about Monica and Chandler. It’s also evident during the Gaga cameo, as Kudrow slyly recreates a Friends plotline from an earlier season when Phoebe feels upstaged by a more mainstream singer. At the end of her duet with Gaga, Kudrow says that “Smelly Cat” is better when she performs it alone. It’s pretty much exactly what a peeved Phoebe might say at that moment. Regardless of any preliminary jitters she might have felt, Kudrow performs quite well.

Kudrow’s ability to slip back into character is all the more impressive, considering that she also managed to perfectly articulate why a Friends revival would never work. Citing the fact that the writers had already crafted the perfect ending, which would have to be undone, the actress also joked that she was too old to be delivering some of Phoebe’s quirky lines. While fans will disagree on whether or not that’s the case, Kudrow perfectly demonstrated that she was capable of playing the hits.

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Source: The Ellen Show

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