Loki Series Funko Pops Are Now Available For Pre-Order

Loki and Agent Mobius get a Funko Pop! treatment with their very own vinyl figures, which are now available for pre-order at $10.99 each.

The first set of Loki Funko Pops is now available for pre-order, hours ahead of the series’ big premiere on Disney+. Loki is the third Marvel series to stream on the platform following WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. As part of phase 4 of the MCU, the highly-anticipated series further expands its storyline and sets up its succeeding movies. The first episode of the six-part series will start streaming on Wednesday, June 9.

Tom Hiddleston reprises his role as the God of Mischief, who is now a prisoner of the mysterious Time Variance Authority (TVA) following the events of Avengers: Endgame. When Iron Man and company set out on a time-traveling mission to retrieve the infinity stones, they didn’t anticipate Loki escaping to another timeline. This version of Loki is now considered a “variant” and must fix his time-bending mess for the good of the multiverse. Owen Wilson stars alongside Hiddleston as TVA agent Mobius.

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As Loki’s premiere date draws near, merch based on the series drums up fans’ excitement. The latest additions to these cool collectibles are two Funko Pop! figures featuring Loki and Agent Mobius. The toys are now available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth at $10.99 each. The vinyl figure of Loki sees the charming villain trade his green-and-gold royal garb for TVA’s boring office uniform. Without his scepter, his hands are hidden in his pants’ pockets; but the trademark mischievous stance is still apparent. Meanwhile, the mini Mobius is holding a baton just like he’s seen in the trailers. Check them out below:

Aside from the Loki Funko Pops, other novelty items based on the show have started to invade the market ahead of the show’s premiere. There are miniature action figures, pins, and the hilarious “Loki Charms” cereal. This outpour of knickknacks is proof that the public can’t wait to see their favorite supervillain back on screen, this time with his own series.

Loki’s Funko Pop! offers a curious look at how the mischievous villain’s story will likely play out in the series. It’s interesting to note that his vinyl figure is not dressed as a TVA prisoner as he’s mainly depicted in the trailers. Instead, he’s wearing a coat-and-tie ensemble that’s almost identical to Mobius’ agent uniform. Will Loki end up working for the time-monitoring bureau, or is the Asgardian trickster playing another prank? Answers will surely be revealed as Loki finally drops on Wednesday.

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Source: Entertainment Earth

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