Love Island 2021 star signs: What the Islanders’ signs say about them

Liberty Poole

Liberty is an organised, list-making Virgo.

Francesca said: “As a Virgo, she’s helpful, always considerate and will worry about the people she loves.

“But, as a woman born on the sixth, she knows what she desires and how to get it. People born on the sixth have a seductive edge.

“She may need some time and space away from the crowd and as much as she’s a devoted lover, sometimes she just needs space!”

Hugo Hammond

Hugo is a proud, brave and friendly Leo.

Francesca said: “Kingpin, life and soul, the man with all the gear and some ideas.

“In a relationship, this man needs to be appreciated and will not tolerate being pushed around.

“He could even have a rather spicey temper, his partner will need to be very forgiving – Liberty would be a great match for Hugo!”

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