Lucifer Season 5 Gag Reel Has a Much Different Chloe/Maze Kiss Scene

Netflix debuts the gag reel for Lucifer season 5, which includes a funnier take on Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Chloe and Maze kiss.

Netflix debuts the gag reel for Lucifer season 5, which includes a funnier take on Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Chloe and Maze kiss. Originally airing on Fox before a cancellation saw it move to Netflix, the series centers on the titular lord of Hell as he abandons his post to run a nightclub in Los Angeles and becomes enamored with a police detective and puts his powers to use as a consultant to get closer to her. The fantasy police procedural comes from Nail Gaiman’s DC Comics and Vertigo character of the same name, who originated in The Sandman series before getting his own solo line.

The series has seen an interesting bunch of narrative twists just as much as its own production twists, including the biblical Eve being romanced by both Lucifer and his demon confidante Mazikeen and God himself retiring. The first half of season 5 saw Chloe and Maze struggling to move on from Lucifer’s return to Hell and the latter misreading a conversation with the former and planting one on the detective. Though it made for an awkward chuckle moment in the episode, it also created a chance for the actresses to joke around with one another.

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On the heels of the latest batch of episodes hitting the streaming platform, Netflix has unveiled the blooper reel for all of Lucifer season 5. Included in the mess-ups and poking fun at each other is a funny moment in which German and Brandt take a different approach to Chloe and Maze kissing than what ended up in the final cut. Check out the moment and the rest of the blooper reel below:

Whether it’s a film or a series, it’s hard to deny the blooper reel is generally one of the better things to come from any project, even if it was already funny in the first place. Lucifer has always thrived on creating funny moments for both its characters and its audiences, but to see German and Brandt take a somewhat serious thing and turn it into something comedic is a testament to the fun the group has on set. Not to mention the friendship they’ve clearly built after working together for over five years on the beloved series.

From the moment it went to Netflix, it was made clear that Lucifer would use the censor-lenient platform to create a little steam for its cast and characters and as many actors have stated in the past, doing so necessitates a level of comfort in their co-stars. The blooper reel acts as a pretty strong indicator for the comfort they’ve established with one another since first coming together at Fox, from fake making out with one another to poking fun at one another’s accents. With filming on Lucifer season 6 already wrapped, viewers won’t have to wait long to say goodbye to their favorite characters and see another glorious blooper reel.

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