Lucifer: Will Maze Become Hell’s New Warden?

Following the conclusion of Lucifer season 5B, ending with the Devil officially becoming the new God, what does this mean for Maze and Hell?

Following the events in Lucifer season 5B, will Mazikeen actually become Hell’s new warden or its new queen in season 6? Initially, Lucifer season 5 was going to be the DC-Vertigo drama’s final one as Warner Bros. TV and Netflix even made the announcement about the impending ending. But in a surprisingly massive move, the two studios ended up getting lead star Tom Ellis and the entire cast back for an additional season that will consist of ten episodes. While the final season will be wrapping the show up for good, Lucifer season 5 ended on multiple big game-changers.

After a long battle against his twin-brother Michael, Lucifer officially becomes the new God, following their Father’s retirement. As this will change the game completely for Lucifer’s final season, there is a huge shake-up to the status-quo coming, particularly for Maze. Having tried to get a soul in the fifth season, Maze makes the big discovery she had one this entire time. Since coming to Earth, where she made connections and fell in love, Maze has managed to grow a soul. But with the Devil becoming God, Maze requests to become the queen of Hell.

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However, based on where she ends up at the end of Lucifer season 5, can Maze even become Hell’s new queen? Having a soul might complicate matters for Maze in terms of claiming the throne, but that remains to be seen thus far. Something worth taking into account is how Lucifer recently established that Hell no longer needs a warden. Previously, it was essential, but after Lucifer season 5A, God had changed that aspect where it is now optional. Since Lucifer is now God, that might be changing, seeing as his time as the Devil has come to an end.

Lucifer how maze can grow a soul

Even if Lucifer is the new Almighty Father, there are bound to be some opposing forces, and maybe that is where Hell becomes a new problem. Perhaps the only way for the universe to maintain a balance is for Hell to require a ruler of some kind, even if it goes against Lucifer’s wishes. Whether it is as the new warden or the queen of Hell, Maze will likely be the one to take over for Lucifer. Unless Lucifer can truly change Hell as God, the strongest possibility is that Maze will have to make a major choice in the final season.

Either Maze keeps her soul but loses the throne, or she can give it up to rule Hell as the figure in power. Given that Lucifer has been good with making it clear that characters can’t both have the cake and eat it too, Maze may have an interesting dilemma next season. Netflix certainly made the correct decision in allowing Lucifer to come back for one more season, as Maze’s fate will be one of the big things for the show to resolve before it is all said and done.

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