Mabel: ‘I’m just hoping that it’ll be another summer full of festivals’ – Music News

Mabel joins Rebecca Judd on Apple Music 1 today to discuss her Apple Music Workout Mix, plans for 2022 and more.

Mabel Tells Rebecca Judd About Taking Over Apple Music’s Workout Playlist…

You know what? I definitely am one of those people where I’m like, I make music that I like, so of course I’m going to put my own tunes in there. But nah, I put a lot of good music on the playlist. Definitely dropped some of my own stuff in there, but I make music that’s uplifting. Do you know what I mean? Up tempo. It’s for the workout. I take pride in my playlist. I feel like with workout ones, it’s a good place to start, knowing, okay, cool, this is going to get me motivated. Keeping it up tempo, keeping it fun. But yeah, no, making playlists is my love language. I love it.

Mabel Tells Rebecca Judd About Her Pre-Performance Playlists…
Oh, my God, I have so many. I make playlists with people all the time and I’m like … people will tell me, I need some kind of direction….I’ve got some random ones, like my pre-show ones. I have one that’s cool down, emotional, a lot of Coldplay, John Mayer, very, very chill that I listen to while I’m getting in my zone. And then I have the turn up one before I go on stage.

Mabel Tells Rebecca Judd About Her Hopes For Live Shows in 2022…
I mean, it’s definitely not normal. Usually I would be doing shows all the time. It’s definitely not normal like that, but I’m grateful for whatever shows I could get. Standing up there always feels good. It’s definitely not as often as I would like it to be, but we’ve got to do those things. We’ve got to do what’s right. I’m just hoping that it’ll be another summer full of festivals.

Mabel Tells Rebecca Judd About Covering ‘Time After Time’ For A Christmas Advert….
Honestly, such a big moment. I mean, it’s a cover of ‘Time After Time’, which is such an important song. It’s such an honour to cover it. And then, yeah, obviously the McDonald’s Christmas adverts, they’re always emotional and it is always a big moment. So it definitely was one of those pinch me moments.

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