Men still do ‘manly’ chores around home while women wash up and clean

A study of 2,000 adults found six in 10 still have set chores ‑ despite 74 percent believing “pink and blue jobs” are outdated.

Women tend to cook, dust and vacuum, while men wash the car, unclog plugholes and replace lightbulbs.

Descaling the shower and pet care are shared, said the poll for Indesit.

Seventy-two percent of women think they do the most tasks as opposed to only 35 percent of men ‑ and they are right.

The boys spend two hours and 15 minutes on weekly chores ‑ seven minutes less.

Psychologist Dr Emma Hepburn said: “Ingrained beliefs about who does what are likely to play a role in the development of behaviour in children.”

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