Mike ‘Surprised’ Sammi Didn’t Come Back For Season 5

Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino was surprised that Sammi Sweetheart didn’t return to the show after Ronnie left the show for season 5.

Jersey Shore star Mike”The Situation” admitted that he was surprised that former costar Sammi didn’t return to the show after Ronnie announced he was taking a break from filming for season 5. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has had a rough couple of years as he’s been arrested multiple times for domestic violence and has battled alcoholism and depression. The star revealed that he would not be returning to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation for season 5 and would instead take a break to focus on improving his mental health. He received a lot of love and support from his costars, who believe that Ronnie’s mental health break is much needed and will be beneficial.


While most of the original Jersey Shore cast returned for the reboot back in 2018, Sammi did not. The star took to social media to explain to fans that while she is grateful for her time on the original show, she is happy with her current life and does not want to put herself back into the reality tv series’ environment. In the original series, Sammi was known for having a tumultuous on and off-again relationship with Ronnie. The pair had some notorious fights, usually initiated when Sammi found out Ronnie was flirting with other girls. Though the star never confirmed Ronnie was the reason she didn’t do the reboot, fans have speculated he may have played a role in her absence.

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Ronnie taking a break from the show seems like the perfect opportunity for Sammi’s return, so when she didn’t come back, even Mike was surprised. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Mike admitted, “I’m surprised that she hasn’t come back yet, or maybe she’s not gonna surprise us on vacation now that Ronnie’s not here.” Mike was referencing a moment from season 4 of the show when Snooki jumped out of a birthday cake, after not appearing in season 4 of the show, to surprise costar Jenni JWow for her birthday. While Sammi does not appear in season 5 like fans may have wished, her former costars have not completely lost hope, with Mike addingyou never know,” suggesting she may still make a comeback someday.

Mike sitting in front of a spread of food with Ronnie and Uncle Nino on either side of him at the table.

Though Snooki admits when she asks Sammi if she has plans to return to the show, the star immediately turns down the offer saying, “no, absolutely not.” The rest of the costars continued to offer their love and support to Ronnie during his break from the show. Pauly D stressed the importance of taking care of your mental health and stated he believes Ronnie made the right decision by stepping back and putting his wellbeing first. The star, who has become known for his positivity, added, “get yourself right before you can do anything else.

While fans would love to see Sammi back on Jersey Shore, it’s completely understandable why she wouldn’t want to return. Though Ronnie’s absence might make it easier for the star to appear, the experience could still be triggering and reminiscent of a darker time. Though memorable and beloved, Sammi’s initial appearance on the original show was not the healthiest as she was mostly arguing with Ronnie. If she one day chooses to return, she would be welcomed back with open arms, but until then, it’s best she takes care of herself and focuses on her current endeavors.

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Source: Us Weekly

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