Minecraft: How to Get (& Use) Moss Blocks

Moss Blocks are a unique natural block in Minecraft that can spawn foliage while turning other blocks like dirt or stone into moss using Bone Meal.

Moss Blocks are an exotic natural block in Minecraft that are able to spread when to other surfaces when used with Bone Meal. Blocks variants in Dirt and Stone can be instantly replaced with Moss Blocks while also spawning Grass, Azalea bushes, and Moss Carpet along its surface. An empty space above nearby blocks is required for the Moss to spread successfully. Players can use these unique mossy mechanics to create imaginative designs and structures in Minecraft.

Moss Blocks primarily spawn within the Lush Cave biomes, but players can also obtain them in other ways. First, Moss Blocks can be found within the Supply Chests of Shipwrecks located both above and under the water. In particular, they have a 42.1% chance of spawning with other chest loot. Another method of obtaining Moss Blocks in Minecraft is through trading with Wandering Traders. These NPCs will have a slight chance of selling Moss Blocks ×2 for one Emerald. Nevertheless, the most reliable method of obtaining Moss Blocks is from Lush Caves.


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To find a Lush Cave, players must search for rare Azalea Trees that spawn directly above the biome. Azalea Trees in Minecraft are distinguished by their yellowish-green foliage and small pink flowers speckled on their leaves. However, finding these trees isn’t easy, especially when searching within a densely wooded area. Climb atop a hill or mountain overlooking a forest to find one. Alternatively, making a tower of Dirt Blocks will also suffice. Once perched on an elevated spot, players can use a crafted Spyglass or Optifine zoom on PC to search for Azaleas. After spotting one, approach it and dig the Rooted Dirt Blocks directly beneath it. Keep in mind that Lush Caves generate at various heights, meaning digging too quickly or carelessly downward could result in a deadly fall.

How To Use Moss Blocks in Minecraft

Where to Find Moss Blocks in Minecraft

Lush Caves have an abundance of Moss Blocks, yet players don’t need to collect too many, as they can simply create more using Bone Meal in Minecraft. Besides their ability to transmute other blocks and create foliage, Moss Blocks can also be used to increase the level of a Compost at a 65% rate of success.

In Minecraft Java Edition, all plants can be placed on Moss Blocks except for Cactus variants. Additionally, Nether Fungi (Warts) can be placed atop Moss, but Mushrooms will only adhere to a Moss Block’s surface at a light level of 12 or lower. However, Bedrock Edition differs from Java in that Cactus, Bamboo, Dead Bushes, and Sugar Cane cannot be placed on Moss Blocks.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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