‘My back pain is gone’ – Save £60 on this memory foam mattress topper

Made from 100 percent memory foam, this mattress topper adds a layer of enhanced comfort to your mattress – without having to put in the time, effort, and money to buy a whole new mattress.

One happy customer said: “My mattress had become bumpy with the springs and uncomfortable, rather than forking out for a new mattress we went for this topper and it’s made such a difference – it’s so comfortable!

Buy now: Amazon (£57.79)

“It’s really thick and has completely changed the bed – can’t stress enough what a difference this has made!

For those unfamiliar with memory foam, it is a kind of high-density foam that is soft enough to mould around a person’s body shape but is firm enough to be comfortable and supportive. One reviewer who suffers from back pain said: “I’m a low back pain sufferer because of disc compression and this mattress is soft enough to give support to the whole body but without being too soft”.

Another back pain sufferer said: “Since I started using this mattress topper double, my back pains and discomfort have all gone”.

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