New Black & Red DualSense Controller Photos Show Off Every Angle

Japanese news outlet Game Watch unloads dozens of detailed photos of the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller colors ahead of their release.

Fans of Sony’s best-selling and hard-to-find PlayStation 5 can get a closer look at the console’s new DualSense controllers ahead of their release this June. Sony first revealed the two new colors, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, in May of 2021, leading to a flurry of excitement and anticipation from fans. These will be the first new controllers released since the PS5’s launch, giving owners more options beyond the original black and white model.

The PS5’s striking, statement-making design has been a major topic of discussion ever since its 2020 reveal. Aside from the sheer size of the console, much of the discourse has been focused on the inventive DualSense controller. Moving away from the long-running DualShock naming scheme, the DualSense was designed with subtle and dynamic haptic feedback in mind rather than standard motor-based rumble functionality. Other features include adaptive triggers which can be utilized for extra gameplay options in titles like Returnal and an integrated microphone. PS4-era additions, like the touchpad, speaker, and dynamic LED, have also been carried over.

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The experimental controller’s new designs are available to view from all angles thanks to Japanese gaming news outlet Game Watch. The article features dozens of photographs of the new Cosmic Red and Midnight Black DualSense controllers, giving a better idea of how the gamepad’s confident design will translate to the new models. As expected, the new controllers maintain the same core design of the original DualSense, with no new patterns, finishes, or textures, giving all three iterations designs that are simultaneously distinct and uniform. The article also offers side-by-side comparisons of the DualSense and controllers from other consoles, including the PS4 and Xbox One, further conveying the DualSense’s one-of-a-kind design.

PS5 Black Red DualSense Controller Cover

The juxtaposition between these old and new controllers illustrates how far Sony is willing to reimagine its hardware in comparison to competitors like Microsoft, with its more incremental, subtle steps forward. While there are still no meaningful additions to speak of on the new PS5 controllers, these new colors will likely serve to foster more affection for PlayStation hardware, as owners will have the opportunity to create a more personalized gaming setup.

Sony is ostensibly playing it safe with this first round of new DualSense controllers. As is the case for most consoles, the PlayStation 5 will likely receive a number of new mainline controller models, in addition to special edition designs. PlayStation fans are particularly fond of the retro PS1 color scheme, so a PlayStation anniversary redesign could be among the bolder controller spin-offs released later in the PS5’s life cycle. However Sony decides to handle its new hardware accessories, the advanced capabilities of the PS5’s controller is sure to keep the DualSense at the forefront of many gamers’ minds in the years ahead.

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Source: Game Watch

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