Outer Banks Season 2 Trailer Reveals July Release Date

The first official trailer for Outer Banks season 2 promises more thrilling action, more sunkissed romance, and confirms a July 30 release date.

The first teaser trailer for Outer Banks season 2 has been released, confirming that the show officially returns in July. Created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, the action-mystery series debuted in 2020. Its blend of sun-soaked romances, likeable characters, and Goonies-esque adventure proved a bingeworthy treat for many and made it one of the best Netflix shows of 2020. As a result, Netflix renewed Outer Banks for a second season.

Outer Banks followed John B (Chase Stokes) and his friends as they attempted to find $400 million in hidden gold and solve his father’s disappearance. Those friends were comprised of Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and Sarah Cameron (future Knives Out 2 star Madelyn Cline). A trail of murder and mayhem soon followed — with forces eager to beat them to the gold by any means necessary. Though eventually successful, the ending of Outer Banks season 1 saw the treasure slip through their grasp amid painful betrayals. In the process, John B and Sarah appeared to have died. Having surviving a near-death experience, however, the starcrossed lovers tracked the gold to The Bahamas.

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The first official teaser for Outer Banks season 2 has now been released by Netflix. The new footage revealed that JJ, Pope, and Kiara still believe John B and Sarah to be dead. Carving a memorial into a treem the trio toasted to both of their memories. The trailer then cut to a clip of John B and Sarah sitting together on a beach. “Back in the G-Game, baby,” he exclaimed before the music swelled for an action-packed montage. When the footage concluded, the official release date for the new episodes was confirmed as July 30, 2021. Check it out below:

Amid the traditional car chases and other moments of death-defying action, the Outer Banks season 2 trailer teased further romantic exploits and seaside frolics. A firm part of that will no doubt be further exploration of the culture divide embodied by Kooks and Pogues. As elitely wealthy members of the former (and more murderous treasure-seekers), Charles Esten and Drew Starkey returned as Ward and Rafe Cameron, respectively. Equally, Austin North will return as Topper. They will be joined in Outer Banks season 2 by Elizabeth Mitchell as Limbrey and Carlacia Grant as Cleo. How they will overall impact the plot remained unknown.

With filming having officially completed, however, what is known is that things will be taken to a whole new level. “Season 2 is going to test our crew like never before,” revealed the show’s creators. “We’ve turned up the dial on everything fans loved about Season 1 — more mystery, more romance and higher stakes.” The above trailer offered fans a taste of such elements, more than living up to being described as a full-throttle, action-packed, wild ride. However, a taste will likely not be enough for eager Outer Banks fans. That will be especially true of those eager to see JJ, Kiara, and Pope learn the truth, the full group reunited, and the murderous villains finally brought to justice in Outer Banks season 2. Fortunately, they will at least know which date to mark off on their calenders and count down towards.

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Outer Banks season 2 will be released in its entirety via Netflix on July 30, 2021.

Source: Netflix

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