Outlaws and Legends Gameplay Trailer Reveals How Heists Work

A new trailer for Hood: Outlaws and Legends explains how to complete heists successfully and how different classes will play a part during them.

A new video explains how heists in Hood: Outlaws and Legends will work. Hood is a new heist game by Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s Sumo Digital. Publisher Focus Home Interactive has been posting videos explaining how each of the four classes in Hood: Outlaws and Legends performs in the game. Post-launch plans have a new class joining the game during the first season of Hood, along with new maps and other content.

Hood’s four classes of thieves each have specific abilities and equipment that differentiates them. Rangers are snipers that deal high damage from afar and launch explosive arrows. Brawlers are close-range melee tanks that can lift gates and have a stamina steroid. A Hunter’s forte is assassinating guards and using smoke bombs to hide from enemies. Mystics can heal teammates and open locked doors but can handle himself in a fight with his flail. The fifth class, called Eidaa, will be revealed later but will be free for all Hood: Outlaws and Legends players. All classes are modifiable to fit different playstyles with perks and equipment changes.

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The gameplay video on Focus Home Interactive’s YouTube channel shows each of the available classes during a heist with commentary. Players will be tasked with stealing a key from the Sheriff of the fortress, locating the vault, stealing the treasure chest inside, and successfully extracting it. Additionally, a rival squad will be trying to do the same. Hood’s gameplay loop revolves around stealth and detection, but also strategy. In the trailer, a Ranger snipes players on a bridge to prevent them from re-securing the chest. Another instance shows the Hunter guarding a location while her team is preparing to extract the treasure. The video’s commentary also explains how the modifiable perks and equipment help a class in specific scenarios.

This video also shows what happens if the guards spot the team. If a player is seen, they are revealed to all enemies in the area, including the enemy team. The area then goes on lockdown, and more guards will come to defend it. Depending on how quiet a team can be during infiltration, they can set up an escape plan without the enemy team knowing where the chest is. Conversely, if the team is exposed while moving the chest, the enemy can swoop in and steal the chest for themselves during the chaos.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends has the makings of becoming a hit multiplayer game in the same vein as For Honor or Hunt: Showdown’s co-op PvPvE approach. Sumo Digital already has multiple seasons planned for the rest of the year and more on the way based on the post-launch content trailer. It may not be the next big eSport, but Hood could garner a dedicated player base and lots of content.

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Hood: Outlaws and Legends releases May 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: Focus Home Interactive/Youtube

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