Prince Charles body language ‘naughtiest ever’ on ‘joyful’ Freedom Day outing with Camilla

Judi said: “Prince Charles appears to be on the finest form ever here as he chats face-to-face and mask-free with a group of young women on what is being called Freedom Day.

“His face becomes wreathed in smiles, with deep facial furrows breaking out to show how congruent his joyful body language is here, and the pushing out of the upper lip as he chats suggests he is the one promoting the laughter.”

The future king seemed unable to contain his mirth as he turned to share a joke with Camilla, Judi claimed.

She said: “When the Prince turns to share the conversation with Camilla his facial expression is the naughtiest ever, with the grin getting even wider as his eyes dart to one side in what looks like mimicry of a mock-guilty expression.”

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