Prince William news: Royal ‘picture of pure elation’ with Kate and George at the Euros

An expert claimed William was the “picture of pure elation” with his wife and eldest child, watching the match on Sunday. With his wife of over a decade and his seven-year-old son, the second-in-line to the British throne appeared “truly happy”, a body language expert claimed.

Body language expert Darren Stanton, also known as “the human lie detector”, told “It’s quite rare to see William and Kate Letting their hair down in a social situation and just truly being happy to spend the time together.

“Prince William is displaying elation and happiness at the proceedings as Kate and the young prince embraced and hugged.”

Darren, a former Special Constable, compared the royals’ appearance at the event to previous royal appearances.

“I did notice the fact that unlike the Queen and Prince Phillip in their day, Kate and William are not apprehensive about showing emotion in public,” he said.

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Speaking of Prince William, Darren said: “It’s clear the whole face is engaged showing a big smile as the entirety of his facial muscles are in operation.”

On Kate, Darren claimed: “She is clearly loving the game, the occasion, and being out with her family. It’s a really great picture overall.”

He noted moments where William was tactile with his son, and said: “There may be an interval or some pause in the proceedings as Prince William he’s looking down at the young prince.

“Prince William has got his arms around the young prince, again showing genuine emotion and affection.”

Twitter users responded to the moment. One wrote: “I can’t, this is the cutest, I’m melting.”

Another said: “Look at Prince George hugging his mummy the Duchess of Cambridge as England scores!”

“She makes me smile. Prince George makes me giggle cause he closed his eyes. He’s really happy,” another fan wrote.

One fan wrote: “Love this picture. Prince George was so sweet and very excited.”

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