Princess Anne: Expert says she avoids the ‘soap-opera lifestyles’ of other royals

In 2020, Princess Anne carried out 148 engagements in 145 days, whereas Prince Charles only carried out 146 engagements in 141 days, according to the official record of royal engagements.

The Princess Royal’s body language has often been up for debate, whether or not she actually thinks she would be a better heir to the throne, or if she is more than happy to live a more low-key life and just carry on with her royal duties.

Body language expert Judi James spoke to about whether or not Princess Anne would make a better heir than Prince Charles.

Judi said: “Should Anne have been queen after her mother? While Charles has always been known for his rather melancholic and reflective personality traits, Anne has always seemed to have inherited the best traits of both of her parents and this could mean she would be a better profile ‘fit’ in terms of taking on the crown after her mother’s death.

“Anne has inherited the stoicism of her mother and the firmness and confidence of her father.

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