Princess Anne news: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall ‘anxious’ while Princess Anne ‘strong’

The expert analysed outings of the royals together and stated Princess Anne has come across as “strong”.

“In one picture with Princess Anne and Camilla it’s quite interesting,” Darren claimed.

“I’m intrigued by what Princess Anne is looking at.

“Whatever it is she’s finding it quite amusing and her posture is strong and independent.”


While Princess Anne appeared confident during one outing, the expert claimed Camilla looked more “anxious”.

He continued: “Camilla’s hands are not visible and almost look as if they are in her pockets. This is a sign of slight anxiety and insecurity.”

During another engagement, Darren suggested Princess Anne once again looked “confident”.

Camilla, on the other hand, appeared to be slightly less so.

He continued: “Princess Anne’s posture is straight upright with a very solid facial expression, clearly watching something. Her position is one of confidence.

“Holding her bag, Camilla’s hand position – although taken in a single still shot – appears to be less confident than Princess Anne again.”

Darren added Princess Anne shows herself as “strong” while also showing affection to her sister-in-law.

“Some body language experts would say placing the hand on top denotes power,” the expert suggested.

“However, if we examine the way in which Princess Anne is holding Camilla’s hand, it is reminiscent of a parent holding a child.

“Although the pair may get on very well, psychologically she is still saying ‘I am the stronger royal’.”

Darren concluded by saying Princess Anne looked “dominant” among other royals during one outing with both Camilla and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

He said: “If we look at Princess Anne’s hands against Sophie, Princess Anne is the most dominant character of the three.”

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