Princess Anne news: Royal more ‘frank’ in Royal Family role than Queen Elizabeth II

How she approaches her role, however, may be different from others in the family.

Speaking to, stylist Melita Latham stated she may show more “freedom” than other royals.

The expert claimed the Princess has portrayed this using her style.

She stated: “It’s difficult not to like Princess Anne as a royal or hard-working professional lady.


“She has all the royal presence of her mum, but is allowed the freedom to be rather more frank and straight-talking.

“So much so that you can almost imagine her doing normal tasks at Gatcombe Park, such as mucking out the stables on the days where she is not formally engaged.

“Her dress sense mimics her approach quite remarkably.”

Melita explained Princess Anne shows her “freedom” by being more “straight-talking” than some of her relatives.

This is resembled in her fashion choices and Princess Anne will regularly choose bold looks.

Members of the Royal Family usually step out in fashionable and timeless looks and what they wear is no accident.

This is because there are a number of style rules royals are expected to follow.

These include wearing tights with dresses, not wearing heels that are too high and avoiding short dresses.

The Queen reportedly prefers royal women to wear skirts and dresses over trousers.

Princess Anne has always followed style protocol but has put her own unique twist on her ensembles.

“From an expectant mum to grandmother and great aunt, her attendance at royal gatherings is impeccably framed by her easy style,” the expert added.

“While formal, smart and totally in keeping with the occasion, Princess Anne’s choices of garments usually allow a freedom of movement that would be unachievable in the figure hugging dresses and gowns of others.

“She maintains an impeccable balance of formality, but frames it with a normality that every woman can achieve.”

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