Princess Anne releases video wishing good luck to Team GB: Body language expert discusses

As president of Team GB, the Princess Royal has a long history associated with the games.

She was the first member of the Royal Family to compete in the Olympics, taking part in the 1976 equestrian event in Montreal.

Princess Anne said in the video: “As your president, I would like to wish you every success for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“As your president, I would like to wish you every success for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“Although I am sad not to be there in person, I and the whole nation will be cheering for you and proudly supporting you from home.

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“I do remember from my own Olympic journey, the anticipation and excitement of stepping onto the Olympic stage.

“But also the single-minded focus on what you need to do.

“I know that you have all worked incredibly hard for this moment, during the most challenging of times.

“And I hope that you will find the Team GB environment, a support and an inspiration for you.

“This is your Olympics. It will be different, but not in its importance to you.
“Savour it, and above all, enjoy it.

“Good luck! And I look forward to celebrating your achievements with you in the Autumn.”


Judi James, a body language expert, spoke to about the Princess Royal’s body language in the video.

She shared: “Anne’s body language in this video manages to blend the kind of stoicism she is famous for with signals of something a lot more heartfelt.

“It also manages to show her as a chip off the block of her mother rather than her father here, with the pearls, brooch, swept-up hair, and red lipstick all echoing the Queen’s styling or at least attempting to mimic.

“The way the pearls are hanging crookedly and the less-than-perfect hair plus the dodgy lighting and eye direction all suggest a more practical and busy approach to anything formal and regal here.”

“But when she says she will be ‘proudly supporting you from home’ that air of regret is still lingering, upstaging any attempt to smile or add a touch of personal bravado at missing out.”

The Princess Royal issued this video via The Royal Family’s Twitter account.

A Twitter user replied to the video saying, “The Princess Royal a jewel in the crown if ever there were one.”

Sharing a meaningful anecdote, one user wrote: “The Princess Royal lent my Mum’s cousin her riding crop in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

“Our family is grateful for Princess Anne’s kindness and proud of our little royal connection.”

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