Princess Beatrice: Parenting experts analyse the new royal mum-to-be

Although Princess Beatrice is already a stepmother to four-year-old Wolfie, Edoardo’s son with his former fiancé, this will be her first child. Her younger sister Princess Eugenie gave birth to August Brooksbank in February earlier this year, so Beatrice will have lots of experience caring for young children.

Natalie Forest, a transformational mentor for new mums, spoke exclusively to about her thoughts on the new mum-to-be.

Natalie said: “When considering the question of what kind of mum will Princess Beatrice be, the answer may not be as simple as we hope.

“Given her upbringing and her parents, especially her mother’s focus on the family being one of the most important safe havens and support areas of our lives, the assumption can be that Beatrice will follow that and be a loving mum, as we also see with her sister.

“She has lived through challenges in which she had to stand up for herself and her love, which indicates to me a strong commitment to family and is in line with her wanting to be there for the new child.

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“In addition, she has been a good mum to her stepson Wolfie demonstrating her love and care for another being who is now her family.

“She welcomed him with open arms.

“Lastly, given her glow in recent photos and the expert body language analysis, we can presume that she is excited, happy, and anxious about her baby.

“Her husband is giving her the space she needs, apparently being at her back-and-call, which provides her with the strength and love she needs.


“Given her upbringing in the royal arena, her parents’ experiences and teachings, and her own confidence, I would feel strongly in suggesting she will be a good mum, totally dedicated to her children while also being tough when needed.

“But most of all, ensuring that they will be able to live their lives their way.”

Sarah Ryan, founder of Mama Moments, a self-care subscription box specially for new mothers, also spoke exclusively to about why Princess Beatrice is lucky in her situation as a new mother.

Sarah said: “Becoming a new mother can be very challenging at the best of times, but nowadays we are bombarded with picture-perfect images of postpartum, baby bliss everywhere we look.

“Princess Eugenie has already shared more realistic photos of life with a newborn on her Instagram, so I think she will be a great role model of reality over perfection for Princess Beatrice as she enters into motherhood.

“Their mother, Sarah Duchess of York, has also spoken openly about her own mental health journey and the benefits she has found from therapy.

“So I have no doubt that she will be a great support to Princess Beatrice and encourage her to look after herself, as well as her beautiful new baby.”

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