Product recall: Next urgently recalls mirror due to risk of falling and breaking

Product recalls are issued when an item could cause harm to individuals if used. When a recall is announced, companies usually ask customers to return the product to their nearest store if they have already bought it.

The retailer stated: “To arrange a collection please call us on 0333 777 8000 and choose option one.

“Call Selfserve on 0800 587 7758, input your Selfserve number and select option three, or sign into ‘My Account’ and select ‘Arrange a return’ from the menu to arrange a courier collection.”

Next added: “If you have given this item as a gift, please ask the recipient to contact Next as soon as possible.”

The company also explained on its website what is required of a customer if they have already bought a recalled product, saying: “If you have purchased an item from one of our stores, and it is later recalled by us, please return the product to a store – your original till receipt is not required.”

The mirror has been withdrawn from Next shelves and is now unavailable to buy on its website.

Previous customers reviews showed that some shoppers thought it unsafe to use.

One customer wrote in April: “The mirror looked good, although it was much lighter then it looked in the image on the box.

“Unfortunately though there was a major quality issue. The glass mirror had come away from the wooden frame so I returned and ordered a replacement.

“Unfortunately the replacement has the exact same issue. It looked like they both had adhesive and double sided tape used to hold the glass in place but neither are effective.

“It’s a shame as otherwise the mirror could be lovely. I have now returned as will look elsewhere as I don’t want another, even if the next was attached there is a risk it could become unattractive if the adhesive is ineffective and I don’t want to risk the glass smashing and injuring someone if it falls.

“Especially as it is not safety glass. I have informed Next customer service of the issue and hopefully they will remove them from sale until the issue is resolved.”(sic)

Another customer commented: “Looks great, unfortunately mine was faulty and the mirror had separated from back board in transit? So I had to return. Good style and it did look like its photo, veneer type wood not solid.”

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