Queen Elizabeth: Her morning routine since 1952 from breakfast to a bath

No matter where she is residing, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, or Balmoral, the Queen is always woken up at the same time and in the same way each day.

Before entering, the maid will lightly knock on the Queen’s door, enter, and then place the tray on the side table next to Queen Elizabeth’s bed.

She will then open the curtains and turn the radio on and tune it to BBC Radio Four.

According to royal sources, the Queen was a big fan of John Humphrys and listened to his Today programme every morning before he retired in 2019.

The Queen’s morning routine is so specific, that while she is drinking her first cup of tea, her maid will begin to run her morning bath.


She likes it at a particular temperature and orders it be tested with a wooden thermometer, so it is not too hot.

Royal staff who have worked at the palace over several decades have confirmed Her Majesty does not like the water to be deeper than seven inches.

While Queen Elizabeth is in the bathroom, her dresser Angela Kelly presents the Queen’s outfit for the day in the dressing room which is just next door.

This dressing room is particularly spectacular as it has floor-to-ceiling mirrors so the Queen can assess every angle of her outfit.

She is either served scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffle shavings.

Or it will be the Queen’s favourite breakfast cereal which is Special K.

Darren even confirmed this is served to Her Majesty in a ‘Tupperware container’, much to many people’s disbelief.

At 9.30am the Queen’s morning routine is complete.

She will then get ready to sit at her desk and open her infamous red box, with all of the sovereign’s paperwork to be completed.

When Prince Charles is crowned King, his morning routine will most likely be whatever he has received as being the Prince of Wales.

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