Queen’s best brooches: Bow Brooches belonged to Victoria

Queen Victoria’s Bow Brooches are a collection of diamond brooches which Victoria often wore when she was monarch. Now, Queen Elizabeth regularly wears one of the brooches, pairing it with colour-block outfits for various royal engagements. Due to the simple shape and colour of the brooch, it goes with anything.

According to The Court Jeweller, in 1858, Queen Victoria’s jewellery box went through an unexpected transformation.

All the jewels which once belonged to her grandmother, Queen Charlotte, were given to her cousin, the King of Hanover.

Victoria lost several valuable pieces, including a set of diamond bow brooches.

She therefore had a trio of jewels made to replace them, following the same design and shape.

One such occasion was the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997.

The Queen wore a black jacket and matching skirt for her former daughter-in-law’s funeral, and accessorised with a black belt, scarf, and hat, as well as three strings of pearl necklaces and the bow brooch.

Another symbolic occasion was the day where Elizabeth surpassed Queen Victoria as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Her Majesty’s decision to wear one of the bow brooches on September 9, 2015, meant the trio of jewels will forever be associated with long-serving queens.

On the historical day, Queen Elizabeth wore the silver brooch with a two-tone turquoise and royal blue outfit.

Her woollen coat had a large collar, buttons, and pockets, while her matching hat had a floral trim and a ribbon tied round its centre.

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