Robson Green net worth: Actor and angler worth huge sum

Is Robson Green married? 

Robson has been married several times. 

He was first wed to occupational therapist Alison Olive having been introduced by a close friend. 

The relationship with Alison did not make headlines until they were both separated and later on divorced after eight years. 

While still being married to Alison, Robson started dating Vanya Seager, a page three model. 

Together, they welcomed a baby boy in 2000, which they called Taylor Seager-Green. 

Robson and Vanya got married in 2001 and later divorced in 2011. 

In 2013, Robson proposed to flight attendant Stephanie Jones but with the pair travelling for work, they eventually broke up. 

In 2016, Robson found another love of his life by the name of Zolla Short who left her vicar husband to be with the actor. 

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