Roger Rabbit Fans Compare Tom Brady Kentucky Derby Look To Judge Doom

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? fans post on social media comparing Tom Brady’s Kentucky Derby outfit to the costume worn by Judge Doom in the movie.

Tom Brady worried Who Framed Roger Rabbit? fans recently when he appeared at the Kentucky Derby in an outfit reminiscent of the movie’s villain, Judge Doom. Celebrities having their fashion choices mocked on social media is nothing new. For proof just head to Twitter during any Red Carpet event during awards season in Hollywood. But Brady’s outfit combined with his overall demeanor in the pictures gave fans a lot of ammunition for their Judge Doom comparisons.

Robert Zemeckis’ film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, came out over three decades ago in the summer of 1988. Christopher Lloyd played the duplicitous Judge Doom, framing Roger Rabbit as part of an evil scheme to destroy “Toontown” and make room for a new freeway in Los Angeles. And of course, the big twist of the character was that he was pretending to be human while in reality was a cartoon himself hiding behind a mask.

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Related: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: Yes, “Patty-Cake” Is The Toon Equivalent Of Sex showcased a number of Twitter posts with Roger Rabbit fans comparing Brady to Judge Doom following the Kentucky Derby. It was easy enough to see the similarities with the black fedora and circular sunglasses Brady wore, as they were strikingly similar to the ones Doom had on in the movie. Combined with the look on Brady’s face in many of the photos, it was easy enough  to see why fans would jump to the Doom comparisons. Check out some of the tweets below:

While many of the tweets may have had fans concerned about the safety of Roger Rabbit and the future of Toontown, the majority just poked fun at the storied quarterback’s look during the event. Yet Brady is used to being a target, especially after having won 7 Super Bowls, as well as holding the record for most appearances at the Super Bowl. Being that this is not the first time Brady and some of his teammates have attended the Kentucky Derby, the man seems just fine with the attention he gets when dressing up for the event.

To be fair, aside from the hat and the glasses, the rest of Brady’s attire did not match Judge Doom all that much. People on social media seem hungry for any chance to take Brady down a few notches, even though he has usually been a pretty good sport about these sorts of things. It would be interesting to know if Brady ever planned out looks like this to see what kind of reactions he would get from people on social media. It is doubtful though, as Brady seems like the type to have better things to do than pay attention to what people are saying about him on Twitter.

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