Ronnie Bashed For Fan Message Calling Him a ‘Loving’ Dad

Ronnie Ortiz Magro is being bashed after he shared a fan message on Instagram in which the user called him a “loving” dad to his daughter.

Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz Magro is being bashed over a fan message in which the user called him a “loving” dad. Ronnie posted a screenshot of the message to his Instagram Story Saturday. The Instagram user was not only just a fan of Ronnie’s, they also claim to work with children. This information, along with the overall message, shocked Jersey Shore fans.

This message came just two weeks after Ronnie’s latest arrest. He was taken into custody in Los Angeles after domestic violence allegations arose. At the time of his arrest, Ronnie was still on probation from his last domestic violence incident involving his ex and baby mama Jenn Harley. When news broke of his latest arrest, Jenn’s boyfriend Joe confirmed on social media that she was not involved. Fans then began to speculate that Ronnie’s girlfriend Saffire Matos was on the receiving end of the altercation.

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Days later, Saffire took to Instagram, claiming that she and Ronnie were fine following the drama. Ronnie too released a statement of his own; however, they have both been quiet since. Ronnie returned to Instagram on Saturday to share a screenshot of a message a fan had sent him. In the brief message, the Instagram user, who claimed to work with children for a living, praised Ronnie for being a “genuine, loving and invested” father to his 3-year-old daughter. The user went on to assure Ronnie that “people out there appreciate any effort” that he puts into being a father despite the stressful times he may be going through. They also reminded Ronnie that everything he does is “influential” in his daughter’s life. Ronnie replied to the user, thanking them, before later sharing the message, writing, “Thank you!!!

Many Jersey Shore viewers did not agree with the overly kind words this fan sent to Ronnie. Reddit users bashed the message, completely disagreeing with the idea of Ronnie being a good dad. Although he may spend time with his daughter, showing her love and providing for her, Ronnie also allows her to be present during very toxic, dangerous and unacceptable situations. His daughter was actually present at the time of his latest arrest. Jenn dropped everything to drive four hours from Las Vegas to California to retrieve her daughter following his arrest. Many users were surprised that someone who claims to work with children truly felt this way about Ronnie, considering his past actions. They fear that Ronnie exposing his daughter to these incidents will ultimately traumatize her in the future.

While most do not doubt that Ronnie does in fact love his daughter dearly, they do not agree that he should be praised for being a role model of a dad. Following his recent arrest, Jersey Shore fans were calling for Ronnie to be removed from the show. MTV has not commented on his latest incident; however, Ronnie will in fact be seen in the upcoming season of the show which was filmed prior to his arrest. Saffire will also make her debut on the show.

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Source: Reddit, Ronnie Ortiz Magro

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