Royal Mail: How to spot fake email and text message scams – advice

Royal Mail email scams

Royal Mail scams can also often take the form of emails.

They often use images of the Royal Mail emblem or use fake email addresses with “Royal Mail” in the name, so some people are easily caught out.

Once again, however, it is imperative to note that these emails are not from or associated with Royal Mail.

One example listed on the Royal Mail website includes an email from “Royal Mail Group Ltd” using various email addresses such as “”.

Royal Mail advises: “The email informs you that your package could not be delivered due to no custom duty being paid.

“Do not click on any links or enter any details.”

A second email scam type claims a delivery attempt has been made.

Royal Mail states that the email often comes from “RoyalMail Delivery” though notes “various email addresses are used”.

The national delivery service explains: “The email informs you that you have missed a package delivery from HMRC Revenue and Customs and gives a link to reschedule the delivery.

“Do not click on any links or enter any details.”

Another variation of the email scam links to “SurveyGizmo” and claims to be a “notice on your delivery”.

The link will request customers insert their email and password.

Once again, customers should not click on any links or enter any details.

Other email scams take the form of either a “delayed package delivery” or “Royal Mail delivery attempted”.

Customers should take care when opening these emails, checking the sender address, any spelling mistakes within the email, and any requests for banking or personal information which seem unlikely to be from Royal Mail.

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