Rust On Consoles Compared To The Game On PC

The popular survival game Rust is finally coming to consoles with some notable differences from the PC game. Here’s what players should expect.

The popular survival game Rust has finally been released on consoles after years of availability on the PC. However, while the basis of the game remains the same across all versions, there are a few notable differences between the console and PC editions of Rust. Here’s what console players should expect.

The console edition of Rust was released on May 21 for the PS4 and Xbox One, though the game is also playable on next gen consoles through the use of backwards compatibility. Currently, there is no native release of Rust for the PS5 or similar platforms, but this may change in the future. This release came almost two years after the console port was initially announced in 2019, and in the eyes of many fans it’s been a long time coming. Rust first came to early access in 2013 on PC, with a full release of the game coming out later in 2018.

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One of the additions to console versions is a completely new list of trophies and achievements for Rust players to acquire, many of which follow the basic progression of the game, but others which are more situational and harder to achieve. The rewards presented with each achievement make it worthwhile for new players to make their way through the list, which in turn provides additional gameplay time for those who choose to seek them out. This isn’t the only difference introduced in Rust‘s console editions, however.

Rust On Consoles Will Have A Different Roadmap

Rust On Consoles Compared To The Game On PC

The developers of Rust have confirmed that, similarly to the PC version of the game, Rust on consoles will continue to update following its initial release. This not only includes improvements and patches to gameplay, it will also serve to add new content into the game. While console editions of Rust will be receiving some of the additions brought to the PC version, the roadmap isn’t going to be exactly identical between the two. Updates to Rust on the PC will require testing and optimization on consoles before being added, so the timeline of players being gradually introduced to new features will be different than what they might see on PC editions of the game.

There are a few other notable changes when it comes to Rust‘s console edition. Rust on consoles is published by Double Eleven, arguably most well-known for its involvement with Minecraft Dungeons, as opposed to being solely handled by Facepunch Studios. The game will also feature crossplay between the Xbox and Playstation platforms – however, Rust will not have crossplay between PC and console versions of the game. The console release of Rust also initially came with pre-order bonuses, and special editions of the game are available for fans to purchase. Ultimately, while the core gameplay of Rust remains similar between all versions of the game, it seems likely that the console edition will develop in different ways than the PC release over time.

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