Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons shopping rules ahead of May 17 – ‘You must shop alone’

Lockdown restrictions are easing next week which will see indoor dining reopened and families and friends allowed to mix indoors. With supermarkets updating their safety rules regularly, is anything changing ahead of May 17?


When the pandemic hit last March, Morrisons, along with various other supermarkets, installed protective screens at its checkouts in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

Speaking at its first quarter results conference today, Mr Potts said the Perspex screens were here to stay.

He said: “We will keep our screens…We acted pretty rapidly to install them last year and they are an important part of making sure we are protecting staff and our customers and I’m certain it’s the right thing to do to keep them.

“We have also installed screens in our barista bars and cafés, which customers will see on Monday.

“I don’t think social distancing is something we are relying on in order to have no Covid costs.

“Social distancing and perhaps face coverings may go at some point but I think we may find that people have become used to having a little more space over the course of the pandemic.”

Morrisons also asks customers to practise social distancing and wear face coverings at all times while shopping in store.

Shoppers can also skip the queue if they have one basket and there are more dedicated card-only checkouts to speed up shopping.


Asda said: “Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have all had to adapt to the many changes made throughout the country needed to stay safe. COVID-19 is still impacting every avenue of our lives, therefore our safety initiatives are altered and updated in line with the government guidance to ensure Asda stores are as safe as possible for both our colleagues and our customers.”

The supermarket has applied antimicrobial coatings to all trolleys and baskets to help limit the spread or bacteria as well as have more cleaning stations at the entrances of stores.

Asda asks customers to please touch less where you can and pay by card if possible.

Asda Safety Marshals will be questioning those who enter the store without a mask and have changed some of its stores opening hours to help shoppers pick up groceries when it is more quiet. 

To help reduce contact, the supermarket continues to offer its Scan & Go service where shoppers can use their own device to scan their shopping and pack as they go. 

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