Savvy shopper shares how to get 70% off groceries at Tesco and Morrisons

While supermarkets often offer customers discounts, buying groceries can be expensive. By using money-saving tips and tricks, one pro bargain hunter has managed to make huge savings on his weekly shop as well as pick up some freebies.

Adam Attew, 32, from Stratford, London, told money-saving community about his amazing food finds.

He said: “Many years ago when I was a teenager, my parents would bring food back from ASDA with yellow sticker labels when they were reduced to 10p-50p late at night. I went once with them, so my family have always been savvy shoppers.

“In 2015 I was watching Extreme Couponing USA and wondered if anything like that existed in the UK. I found an extreme couponing group on Facebook and found out about cash back apps, coupons and yellow stickers.”

Adam revealed that he has picked up free food, drinks and supplies as well as regularly saving money on clothing and homeware items.

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Too Good To Go, which is an app that can be downloaded on mobile devices, helps to prevent food waste by letting customers pick up food at a discounted price.

Supermarkets including Morrisons take part in the scheme as well as places like Greggs and Costa.

Adam went on: “I got one from Morrisons where the value was over £15 but I only paid £3.

“Most of the bargains I find are usually reduced by up to 70 percent.

Adam added: “All the food I will not use straight away, I will freeze.

“I have bought meat and frozen it for meals in the future, doing the same with bread and cakes for a treat later in time.

“I have even frozen ready made sandwiches for my work lunches and they have been fine, I try to to waste anything if possible.”

Waitrose, known for its expensive prices, has also been a hit for Adam, who managed to pick up a shoulder of lamb for just £5.27, reduced from £21.12.

The savvy shopper shared how he usually tries to use The Too Good To Go app at least once a week from places like Greggs and Starbucks.

He said: “These provide lunch for me and my dad as well as sweet treats and dinner.”

Tom Church, Co-Founder of, said: “Adam is a pro at finding reduced food. His idea to freeze ready made sandwiches is a great idea.

“You could have super cheap lunches for a long time using that trick.

“I’m jealous of his New Zealand shoulder lamb, reduced from £21.12 to £5.27.

“I bet that was delicious, and when you think that’s come around the world, it’s an incredible price.”

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