Scream Movie Trolls Courteney Cox Over Gale Weathers’ Awful Bangs

Scream’s Twitter page reacts to a recent clip of Courteney Cox talking about the unique haircut her character, Gale Weathers, sported in Scream 3.

Scream‘s official Twitter account has taken a hilarious swipe at the unique hairstyle that Courteney Cox’s character, Gale Weathers, sported in Scream 3. Now just days away from its theatrical release, the fifth installment of the beloved horror franchise, Scream, will see Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette reunite as they come up against the twisted Ghostface killer, who has returned to their hometown of Woodsboro. The film welcomes a whole host of fresh faces that include the likes of In The Heights‘ Melissa Barrera, The Boys‘ Jack Quaid, and Thirteen Reasons Why‘s Dylan Minnette.


Cox recently revealed that at the start of this new story, Gale Weathers is now the host of a morning show, stating that she is, professionally, in a “better place” than when fans last saw her. Cox has starred in each of the previous four Scream installments as ruthless news reporter Gale Weathers, with her most recent reprisal of the character being in 2011’s Scream 4. However, it was her appearance in the franchise’s third installment that is perhaps her most iconic, as the Friends star brought a fresh new look to her character by sporting some rather short, spikey bangs that went on to become one of the more memorable aspects of Scream 3. Cox recently revealed to The Drew Barrymore Show that the bangs still make her cringe to this day, causing Scream‘s official Twitter to offer their opinion on her interesting styling choice.

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Sharing a clip of Cox’s appearance alongside Campbell and Arquette on The Drew Barrymore Show, in which the stars discussed how Gale Weathers’ bangs came to be, the official Twitter account for Scream joked that Cox’s bangs were “the one thing scarier” than Ghostface himself. The tweet quickly gained a number of likes, with many fans finding the friendly swipe at Cox hilarious. Some fans even joked that the bangs were key to Cox’s character’s survival throughout the franchise. Check out the tweet below.

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During her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Cox said that the haircut was “a big lesson in life” because it will now “forever be on film.” This is certainly not the first time Cox has acknowledged the haircut, as she even recreated her iconic look for Halloween back in 2020, in a hilarious post that was shared on Instagram. The promotional run for Scream 2022 has had a large social media focus, with the official Twitter account seemingly being run by Ghostface himself, frequently offering a number of fun jokes and teases about the identity of the new Ghostface.

Early reviews for Scream have been largely positive, with many praising the film for honoring the franchise’s legacy as well as for its brutal kills and the amount of fun it brings to audiences. For many, much of the excitement for this upcoming film comes from getting to see the three legacy characters reunited on screen. Considering both Cox’s reaction to her Scream 3 look and the reaction from Scream‘s Twitter, it’s likely that fans won’t be seeing an onscreen revival of her spikey bangs any time soon. As for now, fans can look forward to this fifth Scream installment, when it releases on Friday.

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  • Scream 5 (2022)Release date: Jan 14, 2022

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